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We do things differently

We like the business part, but we also like to have fun. We have the same departments as a company, where you can learn as much as you can about the area in which you want to excel. This is why we call ourselves a "Junior Entreprise".

We always learn something new

We are offering our members the possibility to organize from the beginning projects that we deliver to students or to work on projects in partnership with our sponsors. What are we doing?

We are international, baby!

Always keeping up with the international trends, we are a consultative member for JE Europe (ex JADE) since 2011. We are connected on European level, with 280 Junior Entreprises, coming from 14 countries, but also globally, with Junior Entreprises from Brasil, Tunisia, Canada and America.

IN BOS You'll Find the Experience ofyour student.

Business Organization for Students is an organization that reunites students with a lot of potential, eager to develop both personally and profesionally, responsible regarding education and aware of the positive impact volunteering activities have on society.

BOS values

Our partners

BOS projects

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Supports companies need to employ foreign language students.


Reunites two major up-to-date domains : Entrepreneurship and IT area.

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Presents the latest trends in PR, Marketing and Advertising.

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Convinces the youth of nowadays that success in Business and Entrepreneurship is not untouchable.


Florin Grozea

"I was pleasantly impressed by the enthusiasm and seriousness of the students of BOS Romania, since the first event I have... Read more "Florin Grozea"

Florin Grozea
CEO @Hit Yourself Consulting

Nicoleta Moise

BOS is one of the student associations with which P&G Romania successfully collaborates for several years in promoting dedicated activities... Read more "Nicoleta Moses"

Nicoleta Moise
Recruiting Manager @ P&G Balkans

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Phone: 0756 920 449 / 0732 463 770


Address: Frumoasă Street, Nr. 31, Bucharest, Sector 1.

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