About Us

About Us

Business Organization for Students is a student NGO, linking the business and academic environments. We offer the possibility of specializing in one of the following: Marketing, Sales, HR, Research & Development. Moreover, being part of the JE Europe network, BOS can give you an international experience.


With the BOS experience, which implies getting to know yourself while in your student years, we pursue the personal and professional development of both the organization's members and the students we are addressing to.


The volunteering actions conducted by Business Organization for Students are meant to bring added value to society, with the purpose of improving the performance of the students involved.


TEAMWORK -> We work in a team, a team that ultimately becomes a group of friends, who meet in order to reach a common purpose. In our team, we offer each other support and encouragement for whatever we do: empathy, communication, connection, belonging to a group.

OPEN MINDSET -> We are open to new ideas, encouragement of free speech, accepting new challenges and embracing opportunities, accepting different perspectives, self-awareness. 

RESPONSIBILITY -> Even though we are students and we like to put the "fun" in everything we do, we fully take the responsiblity of working professionally and delivering quality.


We spent just as much time regardless of the situation. Who says you can't make friends online?

Business Organization for Students
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