Web Team

BOS is not limited to departments!
Starting with this academic year, our organization has built the first Web team in which you will be able to apply directly on the site what you learn during the year in the department.

In addition, if the IT field is among your passions, the technical division of the team is waiting for you with open arms, a division in which programming is the key word!

TikTok Team

Are you a person passionate about social media, especially Tiktok?
Do you have ideas and you are happy when they are appreciated by other people?

If you like challenges (especially those on Tiktok) and you want to find insights about this app, which you will receive right from the tiktokers, then we are waiting for you in the team to make the coolest tiktoks together!

Eventum Team

The organizer of formal and informal events, Eventum is a team that is constantly evolving.

If you are attracted to what it means to organize events and you want to develop this side even more, combining it with the business sphere, then here is your place!

Let's organize together the most successful Eventum events!