WebTeam is a newly formed team within our organization that has brought together people from all of our departments directly involved in producing content for our website, like the one you're reading right now!

WebTeam is the one place that brings together three distinct divisions under one umbrella: WebDevWebComm and WebCrtv.

Whether you're passionate about programming, and want years of experience that will prepare you for your dream job, or you're a good communicator and want this text to have been produced by you in the future, or if the first time you go on a website it's the visual part that catches your eye, there's a place for you with us!

TikTok Team

Are you an energetic person, always smiling, passionate about Social Media, especially TikTok?

Do you have the freshest vibe and your ideas are always appreciated by the people around you?

If you are prepared for new challenges (especially those on TikTok) and want to get insights about the app and trends directly from TikTok-ers in the field then we welcome you to join our team!

Eventum Team

The organizer of formal and informal events, Eventum is a team that is constantly evolving.

If you are attracted to what it means to organize events and you want to develop this side even more, combining it with the business sphere, then here is your place!

Let's organize together the most successful Eventum events!

Meme of the Day Team

The Meme of the Day team is the organization's latest creation, a team dedicated to the internal group to strengthen relationships between departments and all their members.

In each department, two members will be chosen who will have a daily task of putting a smile on the lips of the department they belong to!