External Projects


acaMedia is the new Business Organization for Students project, launched in 2021, which provides trainings on digital marketing, social media, ads, SEO and much more!

In order to be able to apply all the notions learned, we also organize an annual contest during the event, in which we award the teams with the best results in creating a page / blog.

Thus, through this project, we want to offer to the social media enthusiasts a consistent basis of introductory notions in the field.

IT is Business

IT is Business is a Business Organisation for Students made project, found at it's 11th edition, which will bring this spring 2 present themes: IT and entrepreneurship.

The main subject that is addresed during the event is Artificial Intelligence and app development which contribute to the development and improvement of E-commerce in Romania.

Be PRoud of yourself

PROUD is a Business Organisation for Students made project that promotes non-formal education and that keeps students up to that with the last trends in Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising, preparing them for a future career in the branch.

Always connected, sociable, eternally curious and with an imagination that is hard to keep a hold of. Those are the passionate people that PROUD meets year by year.

Internal Projects

UPgrade yourself

UPgrade is a Business Organisation for Students made project, which has the purpose of personal and professional development of the association's memebers through aquiring soft and hard skills that will help them during the long run in their professional life, focusing on: self-knowledge, career orientation, overcoming their emotions, assumption and responsability. The project itself is designed to offer students the opportunity to develop more than they do inside of their college and to have access to experiences that can balance their personal and professional development.

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