IR Department

The IR team is responsible for the development and international awareness of the organization. In 2019, we became a consultative member of JE Europe, formerly JADE, an umbrella organization that represents, integrates, and supports NGOs from 14 European countries. If you have always been passionate about foreign languages, but you have never had a professional opportunity for sharing your knowledge, then the INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS department has a place for you. 

HR Department

You will meet the HR people throughout the recruitment process, you will enjoy amazing teambuildings created by them, you will attend the best parties, and you will certainly ask them for help whenever you need it. If you are empathetic and people-oriented, then the HR department is exactly what you need!

R&D Department

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is the organization's pillar, the laboratory where we define how to use our analytical skills and imagination in order to obtain successful results. If you spend a lot of time on broadening your knowledge, you have a vivid imagination and critical thinking, your place is here, in R&D

Sales Department

The SALES department is the place where you can learn, both theoretically and practically, the most useful selling techniques and where you can develop your negotiation skills. If you are a reasonable, persuasive and rational person, the SALES departemnt suits you best! 

Creative Department

Surrounded by art and getting inspired by whatever is around them, the Creatives are responsible for expressing the organization's ideas to the external people through suggestive visuals and carefully planned campaigns. If you are the day-dreaming type and believe that your imagination is limitless, we are waiting for you in the CREATIVE department!

Communication Department

The COMMUNICATION department represents the organization's voice, the place where PR and Social Media perfectly blend in. If you are a detail-oriented, active, joyful person and you always 'have a word for it', then the COMMUNICATION department is the best choice for you! 


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