UPgrade yourself
UPgrade is a Business Organization for Students made project, which was born in 2014 and has the purpose of personal and professional development of the association's members through aquiring soft and hard skills that will help them during the long run in their professional life, focusing on: self-knowledge, career orientation, overcoming their emotions, assumption and responsability.
Project Objectives
The aim of the project is to give students the opportunity to grow more than they do in the university, to have access to experiences that balance personal and professional development, and to strengthen the relationships between the association's volunteers.
UPgrade Festival

The theme of the 2022 edition is based on the approach of the BOS team. Topics covered include connection, initiative, vulnerability, openness and fun. This year's edition is divided into three segments:

Two online trainings with Mara Botez, which are based on the elaboration of projects, with insights and tips & tricks in the field. In addition to the trainings, there will be an activity that will take place within the association's teambuilding: UPgrade Festival.

8 Edition