IR Department

The International Relations Department ensures a good communication and maintains relations with the umbrella organization at the European level, Junior Enterprise Europe. In the International Relations Department you will have the opportunity to develop your networking skills and work with organizations from across the continent, on various activities organized together.

The role of the IR Department

Since the International Relations Department is an additional department, in order to be part of it it is necessary to be part of one of the other five departments. This gives members the opportunity to belong to two groups, groups where lifelong friendships can be made. In addition, the department handles everything our organization offers at an international level, from conferences to events organized jointly with other European associations.
Andrei Agafiței
International Relations Manager

Traits of a IR Member

What you'll learn in IR

If you are a person who wants to communicate across borders, interested in getting in touch with the business environment anywhere in Europe, then the International Relations department is the best choice for you!