BOS Services

QUANTITATIVE & QUALITATIVE RESEARCH The R&D Department of the organization creates forms, focus groups, surveys and executes cold calls, mistery shopper and other actions in order to provide your company with any answers / research needed.
EMPLOYER BRANDING In achieving Employer Branding services, BOS Romania will provide a team of members form all of the active departments, such that every area of the project will be covered, depending on the needs and objectives of the company.
ONLINE/OFFLINE PROMOTION Over the years, Business Organisation for Students has succeded in building an image throughout the students, which makes targeted promotion on this segment efficient. With the help of online and offline promotion, companies benefit from standard packages, to more tailored to their need ones.
CONTENT CREATOR The Creative Department of the organisation creates visual materials (flyers, stickers, teasers, posters, and social media posts) for companies and events, taking into account their visual identity of them.

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