R&D Department

Research & Development is the organization's pillar, the laboratory where we define how to use our analytical skills and imagination in order to obtain successful results. If you spend a lot of time on broadening your knowledge, you have a vivid imagination and critical thinking, your place is here, in R&D

The role of the R&D Department

The role of the R&D department is to keep the organization competitive with other student associations by providing market insights and developing new products/services or improving existing ones.

Acts as the control department of the association in terms of efficiency, quality of final results, facilitates feedback to HR, creates certain plans and procedures based on feedback to solve problems.
Denisa Jitaru
R&D Manager

Traits of a R&D Member

What you'll learn in R&D

If you invest the most in your knowledge, have a rich imagination and an analytical side, your place is in R&D!