Creative Department

Creative. Intuitive, a department of creation. Creation comes from people, to people. Our people prefer to communicate through vectors, pixels, frames and many other derivatives.

These people are professionals, in a personal and original touch. Each Creative person is unique, stands out in their groups, and together they create a family full of exceptional stories and relationships.

The role of the Creative Department

The Creative Department makes all the visual materials (static or dynamic) in the organization. With every occasion and celebration, Creative will look for the most original ideas and the most unique ways to express them.

These materials are designed following a thorough research carried out together with the R&D Department. Each material has a purpose, a story, which is best described by the Communication Department, which understands us best, having an equally rich imagination.
Amelia Bîldea
Creative Manager

Traits of a Creative Member

What you'll learn in Creative

If you always amaze your friends with your ideas, then the Creative department is the best choice for you!