Terms and Conditions of using www.bosromania.ro website

I.1. Scope and Benefits

1. These General Conditions of Use refer to the use of the websites provided by BOS Romania, respectively www.bosromania.ro

2. This page contains the General Conditions of Use of the Website. By accessing or using the website, all users and visitors accept the validity of the General Conditions of Use of the website. BOS Romania reserves the right to modify at any time the General Conditions of Use of the site, as it deems necessary.

3. BOS Romania reserves the right to suspend in whole or part of the website or to modify its content or related services. BOS Romania does not guarantee in any way the permanent availability of the BOS Romania website. No one is entitled to raise claims related to the use or maintenance of the BOS Romania website.

I.2. Intellectual property rights

1. The entire content of the website (illustrations, texts, forms, trademarks, images, videos, graphics) constitutes the intellectual property of BOS Romania or its contractual partners. By using the BOS Romania website, the user is not given any license rights or other rights that would allow him to use the rights related to the website www.bosromania.ro (for example industrial property rights, copyright and related rights, etc.). It is forbidden to modify, copy, multiply, use, complete or any other use of the trademarks, design, images, texts, fragments of text or any other content on the BOS Romania website, without the consent of his prior writing. An exception is the multiplication, use or use of materials made available on the site explicitly for use for this purpose.

I.3. Liability

1. BOS Romania has made every effort to ensure that the information provided on the BOS Romania website is accurate and complete at the time of its publication on the site. BOS Romania does not assume any obligations, is not legally liable for non-compliance and does not guarantee in any way for the information provided on the website, such as downloadable files, services provided by third parties, external links or other contents that can be accessed directly or indirectly on the website www.bosromania.ro, starting from this site. Also, BOS Romania reserves the right to modify and complete the information provided without prior information.

2. BOS Romania is not liable for damages caused by improper or abusive use of the user account by the user himself, by the misuse or loss of identification data or data saved by the user.

I.4. Availability

1. BOS Romania makes every effort to ensure the continuity of administration and provision of the website, to the extent of technical, economic, organizational and organization-specific possibilities.

2. BOS Romania is not legally responsible for non-compliance and does not guarantee in any way that the BOS Romania website or its content will be continuously available to users, that they are made available to users, that they do not contain errors or that the errors are corrected, and that the BOS Romania website or other resources that serve its existence (for example the server) are not affected by viruses or other dangerous elements. BOS Romania explicitly declines, within the limits allowed by law, any liability for damages of any kind caused by the provision of the website www.bosromania.ro or the ancillary resources that serve its existence.

3. BOS Romania disclaims any responsibility for periods of time in which the site cannot be accessed for technical reasons or due to other problems.

I.5. Uploading harmful material

BOS Romania prohibits the uploading on the website of computer programs, files and other materials containing elements capable of destroying and / or interrupting the functionality of the site, such as viruses, manipulated files, "hidden" files (eg embedded images in audio files), worms, trojans or bots for scrolling, displaying multiple screens or for other types of activities, which affect the integrity and functionality of the website or online communication in general.

I.6. Cybernetic Attacks

1. Any cybernetic attacks against the website www.bosromania.ro or any other data of BOS Romania in correlation with the site as well as any cybernetic attacks against user data are prohibited.

2. Each cybernetic attack will result in the immediate exclusion of the user who caused it and will entail consequences of criminal and civil law.

ll. General information on personal data protection


II.1. Legal Basis

BOS Romania will process all data transmitted or made available through the website www.bosromania.ro, respecting the provisions in force of the law on personal data protection.

II.2. User agreement to use the data

1. The user agrees to receive electronically (for example by e-mail) information, newsletters and advertising material from BOS Romania. You can withdraw your consent at any time, either by accessing the unsubscribe link in the newsletter, or by sending an e-mail to the email address displayed on the site.

2. According to the settings of his browser, the user explicitly accepts the use and especially the storage of cookies on his computer by BOS Romania.

3. The user may withdraw his consent at any time regarding the collection and storage of personal data by BOS Romania. For this purpose, the user will send an email to the email address displayed on the site.

II.3. The right to access data, the right to request rectification or deletion of data

The user has at any time the right to request information related to the stored data, as well as their rectification and deletion, in compliance with the provisions of the law on personal data protection. For this purpose, the user can contact BOS Romania using the email address displayed on the site.

II.4. Data Safety 

BOS Romania does everything possible to ensure the security of data transfer through online media. At the same time, however, it is up to the user to make all reasonable efforts to use the Internet safely (use of a current version of the browser, confidentiality of access data to online platforms).

II.5. Cookies

1. In order to increase the functionality of our web presence and increase the comfort of its use by the user, so-called "cookies" are used.

1.1. Most of the cookies used by BOS Romania are automatically deleted from the user's hard disk (temporary cookies) at the end of the browsing session. Temporary cookies are needed to provide, for example, the user with certain types of functions of multi-page forms. In addition, the BOS Romania organization also uses cookies that remain on the user's hard drive (permanent cookies). These permanent cookies have a lifespan of 1 month to 10 years and are deleted on their own, after a predetermined period of time, or can be deleted manually by the user. The exclusive purpose of these cookies (permanent cookies) is to adapt the offer on the Internet as well as possible according to the customer's wishes and to make the use of the website by users as comfortable as possible.

1.2. Cookies do not contain personal data. However, anonymous data with a user ID code is collected. This is, for example, data about user-accessed pages, searched content, and so on. This anonymous data is never combined with the user's personal data.

1.3. The user can influence the use of cookies through appropriate settings operated in the user's browser. We may, for example, accept or decline general or individual cookies. This setting, which does not allow storage, may result in the restriction of the functions provided by the web presence of BOS Romania.

II.6. Social Media Plugins 

1. On some pages of the BOS Romania website you can find third-party applications (eg Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter) as well as content stored on third-party platforms (eg Youtube). Despite careful monitoring and active data protection measures, BOS Romania has no influence on how third parties use user data collected on the BOS Romania website. The responsibility for this data lies exclusively with the companies that offer the following applications.

II.7. Advertising according to specific interests / Re-Targeting

The website www.bosromania.ro can use the so-called techniques for Re-Targeting. BOS Romania can use these techniques to make the internet offer more interesting for users. This technique offers us the possibility to address users, who have already been interested in the website and for the services or products of BOS Romania, with advertising on the website of third parties.


lll. Additional Provisions


III.1. The Court

This contract is governed by Romanian law. The competent court for resolving conflicts is the Bucharest Tribunal.

III.2. Modifications and completions, partial nullity

1. Any amendments and completions to this contract may be in writing only. Ancillary verbal conventions do not produce legal effects.

2. If one or more of the provisions of this contract are - for any reason - invalid, this shall not affect the applicability of the other contractual provisions.