IT is Business
IT is Business is a Business Organization for Students brand project, at its 11th edition, which aims to familiarize students with Business and IT environments through conferences and case studies (Code and No-Code).

Find out for yourself what are the steps towards the development of successful tech companies (in fields like Software Development, SaaS, Cyber Ops, Cloud Computing, Data Science) right from the specialists in the field.
Project Objectives
The main purpose of the project is to deliver information to the young people passionate about the two current topics in a way that is as accessible as possible, through non-formal activities.

Participating in the IT is Business event facilitates personal development among students, which will make it easier for them to join the labor market within a company. It is also developing a strong community of students with common passions: Business and IT.
The Money Vault

This year's edition aims to help students learn about responsible and productive behaviours in terms of personal savings. Investments are a really good way to manage savings, and our speakers will educate the public both in the direction of investing in the stock market as well as the crypto sphere. Afterwards, our speakers will debate upon the topic of starting a business and even talk about how business digitalization is changing the way entrepreneurs think.

If you are interested in budgeting and savings management, online investments or how business digitalization is changing the world, we invite you to attend our event, this years edition: IT is Business – The Money Vault

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