Privacy Policy of
1.1. BOS Romania, respectively the site can acquire personal data and special data, on the site, only with the voluntary consent of the Visitor, for the following purposes: 
  • to facilitate the Visitor's access to the service; pentru a facilita accesul acestuia la serviciu;
  • to send newsletters and/or periodical alerts, by e-mail and/or by telephone/SMS;
  • statistical purposes.

BOS Romania can involuntarily collect other data (IP address, visiting time, the location from where the site was accessed, the name and the version of the internet browser, operation system, and, inclusively, other parameters) provided by the internet browser that facilitates the access to the site and that can be used by in order to improve the services offered to its Clients or Users, or for statistical purposes; exception: if the provisions of the document are violated, in the event that the result of the Visitor's actions contradicts the interests or causes damages of any kind on the part of bosromania and/or any third party with whom BOS Romania has partnership contracts with.

1.2. The Visitor has the right to object to the collection of his personal data and to request their deletion, thus revoking the agreement given for the document, and, thus, waiving any implicit right specified in it and without any subsequent obligation of one party to another or without any party being able to claim damages from the other. 
1.3. In order to exercise his rights, the Visitor will address to, according to the contact data available on the site, at that specific date.
1.4. Using the forms available on the site, the Visitor has the right to modify the initially declared data to reflect any change that may have occurred, in case this exists.
1.5. The Privacy Policy of only refers to the data voluntarily provided by the Visitor exclusively on the site. BOS Romania is not responsible for the privacy policy of any third party that can be reached through links, regardless of their nature, outside of the site.
1.6. BOS Romania undertakes that the data collected from the Visitor will only be used in accordance with the stated purposes and not to make public, sell, rent, license, transfer, etc.  the database containing information regarding the personal or special data of the Visitor to any third party not involved in the fulfillment of the declared purposes.
1.7. The exception will be the situation in which the transfer/access/visualization/ etc. is requested by the competent bodies in the cases provided by the regulations in force at the date of the event.

1.8. guarantees that the personal data of a User, collected through the contact form, will be used only until the solution of the problem communicated by this, after which it will become data of exclusively statistical nature.
1.9. is not responsible for the failures that may jeopardize the security of the server that hosts the database that contains this data.