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As you've learned, we've kicked off the recruitment period. Therefore, we invite you to join us and discover the opportunities we have prepared for you!

Business Organization for Students is a team of students that bridges the gap between the business world and the academic environment.

With our help, you will grow both professionally, through projects and events on various topics (IT, Sales, Well-being, etc.), and personally, through our internally organized activities and training sessions.

No matter what your strengths are, you will find your place in one of our departments: Communication, Creative, HR, Sales, R&D, IT, IR, Eventum, and Projects.

So, if you're passionate about these fields and consider yourself someone who enjoys having fun, meeting people, and working in a team, then you're in the right place!

Complete the form below by October 8, 2023, and come discover the BOS vibe for yourself and, more importantly, turn your student experience into one of the most beautiful ones!

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Although the recruitment is over, you can still stay in touch with us through the projects and events we will organize!
We look forward to seeing what we have prepared for this year and who knows, maybe next year you will organize them with us!

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“BOS for me is the experience I would want to live again and again! Why? Thanks to the wonderful people I met and with whom I created the most beautiful memories and organized the most wonderful projects. Not to mention last, the various opportunities offered by the Business Organization for Students is something I will never forget!

If you too want to experience the BOS vibe and make the best friends of your life, this NGO is the perfect choice for you! Apply until October 8, 2023 and you're guaranteed to have the most beautiful experience of your life!"