IT is Business

About IT is Business


It is Business is a project that combines two great topical topics, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and IT field, facilitating students ' access to relevant and useful information.

Year after year, the project brings together passionate students of the virtual world, thanks to the new high-impact topics they pose.

This year, the IT is Business project will count 10 editions and is considered to be a Business Organization for Students tradition project.



Project Manager: Robert Alexandru


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Previous editions

The 2015 edition was the main theme "Hackathon", and as subthemes: encryption, decryption, database, debugging, Web applications.

As for the structure, on the first day, Oracle Romania launched the event through a Software Support sample, and the following two sides of the event were the Debugging and Crypia, organized by professionals from Bitdefender.

Last year, the project was based on the theme "App development", and the participants had the opportunity to see how an app is built from scratch.

The project took place over 2 days: On the first day, students learned how to create games in Unity 3D, and the next day they had a workshop on UX/UI Design.


A project distinguishes itself from others by the way it is organized. This year's edition it is Business was distinguished by an excellent organization and a lot of passion for its realization.

Organizing a HACKATHON seemed like a very good idea. I applied from the first and I have not regretted it absolutely at all. It was a wonderful experience!

I liked IT so much at the IT is Business project that I promised myself that I would be the first to apply next year. Very well organized and thought by the team. More editions!

Usually when it comes to the IT field there is a certain rigidity in all that implies. What I liked about the IT is Business project was that it tried to break down this barrier, a barrier that many curious students hit, and gave a much more accessible and friendly form to this area.