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The BOS Vision

BOS is guiding students towards the start of their career path by assuring a constant dialogue between students and enterprises. This dialogue consists of educational projects, programs and processes internally organized and last, but not the least, partnerships with companies.

BOS values
About BOS

In our 18 years of activity, we contributed to the development of non-formal education mechanism through a set of events for students, successfully realised with the aid of BOS members. Over the years, we succeeded in facilitating the interaction between student-employer, raising the interest of youth for alternative education and generating contexts by which we kept students on track with up-to-date topics from various areas (IT, Sales, Public Relations, Human Resources, Advertising).

BOS Team
Ana Maria Popa
Sales Manager
+40 (742) 204 539
Mălina Cojocaru
Communication Manager
+40 (753) 865 282
Diana Dobrescu
HR Manager
+40 (731) 338 820
Căriga Cristina
Creative Manager
+40 (732) 131 914
Daniel Bălună
R&D Manager
+40 (766) 226 555
Mircea Prodan
International Manager
+40 (743) 134 430
Oana Petre
Senior Project Manager
+40 (730) 371 319
Mara Mateescu
Vice President
+40 (774) 459 294
Ștefan Țalea
+40 (757) 366 357

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BOS Departments

Business Organization for Students  is an organization that reunites students with a lot of potential, eager to develop both personally and profesionally through our 6 departments: Communication, Creative, HR, International Relations, R&D and Sales.

Department of COMMUNICATION Is the voice of the organization, where PR work harmoniously combines with the Social Media part.
PR Division (Public Relations): As a true artist, the man of communication masterfully outlines the image of the organization, combining a multitude of articles and press releases. It also handles communication campaigns and addressing media partners.
Digital Division: Enhancing online promotion strategies, managing all social media channels, editing the site and creating the editorial plan are just some of the digital human activities. It knows exactly how to innovate the classic pen, using modern technology.

If you are a careful person to detail, active, cheerful and you always have the words to yourself, then the department COMMUNICATION It's the best choice for you!

If you imagine that the CREATIVE I stand 24/7 with a brush and a palette in your hand you are close to the truth, considering that the laptop replaces both. Surrounded by art and inspiring themselves from everything around them, creativity deals with the organization's ideas in the external environment through suggestive visuals and long-thought campaigns.

Department's depositions are ARTICLE And COPY. They complement each other in each conception of the materials. In other words, the ART division focuses on the plastic mode in which it shows a visual, from topics such as colors, to page framing, while those in the COPY Division are masters in shaping the perfect text that appears on it. If you have a dreamlike character and you think your imagination has no boundaries, we expect you to be part of CREATIVE!

SALES It is where you can learn both theoretically and virtually the most useful sales techniques and you can develop your negotiator qualities.
If you want to outline and highlight your communication and persuasion skills and are attracted to sales, SALES It's the right one for you. This department is the operating engine of the organization, if you want to learn how to contact partners, how to get financial resources or how to get involved in sales processes, your place is here!

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT It represents the organization's pillar, the laboratory in which we define how we use logic and imagination to achieve successful results.

Within the department, you have the opportunity to jupt with the information you obtain by conducting qualitative and quantitative studies, thereby contributing to the development of the Organization through ideas and strategies. If you most invest in your knowledge, you have a rich imagination and an analytical side, your place is in R&D!

Department of HUMAN RESOURCES It is composed of energetic, smiling, empathic, development-oriented people and Interhuman connections. They are responsible for the organization's fun, succeting to transform any complicated process into a fun one.

With people of HR You will meet in the recruitment process, you will enjoy the most beautiful teambuildings created by them, you will take part in the hottest parties and surely you can ask for their help whenever you encounter a problem. They also have the gift of building wonderful teams. With the help of teambuildings and motivation strategies structured on the needs of each team we build, from year to year, a stronger and more unified organization.
If you always were foreign languages, but you didn't have the professional framework to share your knowledge with, Then THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Department has a place for you.

In the year 2019, I became an advisory member JE Europe, formerly JADE, an umbrella ORGANIZATION that incorporates NGOs from 14 European countries, under The concept of "Junior Enterprises". With this opportunity came many others. The IR team is in charge of the development and visibility of the organisation in the international environment.

BOS International

In the year 2011, BOS joined the Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs Jade, laying the foundations of theJade Romania Network, in collaboration with Theory & Practical Consult in Cluj.

In the video on the left you can see one of the international events that BOS members participate in and the place where we learn and collaborate alongside our European colleagues, and in the following videos you can listen to Martin Schlutz (former president of the European Parliament) talking about the JADEnetwork.

JADE is a non-profit international confederation created and managed by students, which brings Together 280 JE's from 14 countries in Europe and Brazil. TheJADE  Confederation introduced the Concept of Junior Entreprise – a company run by students. The concept is very well developed in Europe, so that any multinational company has collaborated and collaborates with at least one JE.

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Short History BOS


We took shape.

In 2001, five students filled with initiative laid the foundations of what we proudly call today Business Organization for Students. (Alexandru Cristea, Bogdan Bereanda, Ionuţ Dinu, Mihai Olteanu & Olimpiu Galani)


Our first projects

The first projects that made our organization renowned on the market of students were Giant CV (job fair), Assurance Market Day, Advertising Days and ABM Communities.


The grounds of international opening

BOS became a founding member of the network JADE Romania, part of the international confederation JADE, thanks to the important contribution of Simona Lascu and Andreea Paraschiv. Today, we keep on being one of the most active junior entreprises from Romania.